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Terraform a Simple AWS EC2 Instance

Aug 2017



By Simple I mean the very basic EC2 instance that you can have, a single EC2 Instance with basic storage and a DHCP IP Address (so no Elastic IP), and no S3 Buckets etc.

The idea is that using a free AWS account, you should be able to play with the information on this page and not incur any costs (I'm not able to guarantee that by the way). I am only concerned at this point in creating a Terroform script that will launch the EC2 Instance, I am not going to be installing any software on my EC2 Instance at this point.

If you have not created an EC2 Instance manually, then you possibly will not understand this process, so I suggest you check this page out first Creating an Amazon AWS EC2 Instance.

If you are familiar with manually creating EC2 Instances, and wish to try to automate the process with Terraform, the follow the steps below.


Please read the section “The Script” first, and read it thoroughly, this section talks about every aspect of the script. The following sections explain where to get the information for each section of the script.

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