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Welcome to the WalkerWiki Website

Created because my brain is full

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Because I am quite forgetful, especially when it comes to tasks I only perform occasionally, I thought I would document those things I forget so easily on this site. There is a mixture of technology covered here that I need to remember in my daily working and personal life.

Much of the information on this site is available all over the internet, but sometimes when you look for information, and you go through dozens of websites to find it, it's nice to put it somewhere that is easily accessible for future reference, hence that is why I have created this site. Some of the articles here are copies from other peoples hard work, I am not plagurising here, I just want a central place to put the stuff I found interesting, where possible I have credited the original author(s)

There are a mixture of items here from simple tasks like how to find an IP Address in Linux, to more complex installation guides and full blown projects that involve hardware and software. There is even a project to create your own little wiki site if you like the idea of this site!

General Linux

General Windows

Raspberry Pi

Corporate Products

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