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do I have to?

You should have guessed, this is stuff I need to do, but have not yet started (or at least started but no attempt to document) Just because it's here though, I still may never do it. These are just a few things that I have thought of, there is other content I am working on for the site, but I don't put things here that I am near completing (because they are relatively short tasks. - A management interface for Linux. - I think the flipdots use a lot more current that I first imagined (for a very short time) and might require lots of driver electronics to work. Touchscreen LED control TK inter

Email Server - Might never do this, but I might

Subsonic - Is the Pi3 powerful enough, do I want to? - Had a quick try, Jukebox mode doesn't seem to work on the Pi? - add user to group command line

Intervalometer for Canon Cameras - (requires GUI code, and GPIO control to fire the camera). GUI Started, needs work. Have worked out how to fire camera from GPIO.

Camera Slider for Time Lapse - This will only happen once I have a GUI, and can fire the camera.

write a script to delete folders older than 12 weeks (so keep 12 rolling backups) - Should this be a manual process for sanity checking?

cron job to check backup log for 'Finished' so we know the job got to the end

email log after each backup

Auto delete files


#Count files less than a week old

all_files_found=$(ls -l “/home/charles/testarea” | wc -l); weekold_files_found=$(find “/home/charles/testarea” -daystart -type f -mtime +6 | wc -l);

right_now=$(date +“%x %r %Z&quot

#Write report of action echo “List ” $all_files_found “files found on $right_now by $USER” echo “Find ” $weekold_files_found “more than a week old files found on $right_now by $USER” #########

#Delete files older than 1 week

find ”/home/charles/testarea“ -type f -daystart -mtime +6 | while read x; do ls -l “$x”; done

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