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Simple Linux TS Streamer

Oct 2020

This Simple Linux TS Streamer allows the streaming of SPTS or MPTS files using just a simple CentOS/Redhat OS.


Copy the above file to your CentOS VM – extract it and navigate to openstack……./mpeg2tsbroacaster/ folder. (/opt/streamer/bin by default)

In there run the following command:

  nohup sudo ./mpeg2ts_broadcaster 1234 0 ~/temp/F3720p.ts &

Where: → is the IP address of the interface you want to stream from → multicast you want it come out on
1234 → Port
0 → To loop forever
~/temp/F3720p.ts → Path to your ts file to use

If you wrap the nohup and & around it, you can then disconnect and leave it running.

To kill it:
Sudo ps aux | grep mpeg2
You will see it running as a process – just need to kill it: sudo kill -9 processid

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