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Origin Server Credential Test

Jan 2017

This is a short document outlining a simple test to ensure that the credentials and publishing point in a multiscreen system are valid. For the Origin servers that we use in Demonstrations, WebDAV is used, and while there is a way to change the WebDAV password, there isn’t a way that I have found to check the password. The following tool will allow this (it will allow you to test a password, but not find out what a password is if it is forgotten).

Cyberduck is the tool that we are going to use, and the homepage for the developer is as follows:


Download and install the software. Once running, follow the steps in this guide.

The initial screen will look as follows:

Click the ‘Open Connection’ button in the top left.

This page is where we specify our connection details.

Select WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning)

Select the Server IP (The data NIC) the port is 80 unless you have changed it.

Username/Password (for demos units, admin/3nvivio_!)

Path (for demos units, all streams are under uploads/…)

Once completed, click ‘Connect)

If the credentials are correct, you should see something similar to below.

What we can see here is a list of folders that exist in the ‘uploads’ folder. If the uploads folder is empty you will not see anything here, create a couple of test folders in uploads and try again.

If you expand one of the folders, its contents will be displayed (if there is anything in the folder).

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