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Arp-Scan is a command line utility for scanning MAC addresses that are stored in the ARP Table. By default on Raspbian the timeout for ARP table entries is 60s, you can check cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/neigh/default/gc_stale_time for exact time.


To install Arp-Scan, from the command line enter: Note: you may have to do a sudo apt-get update first.

  sudo apt-get install arp-scan


To use arp-scan enter the following from the command line:

  sudo arp-scan -l

arp-scan will not show the local NIC doing the scan mac address

Example Output

Interface: eth0, datalink type: EN10MB (Ethernet)
Starting arp-scan 1.8.1 with 256 hosts (     11:1d:aa:a6:66:1b       DrayTek Corp.     aa:ac:6f:0c:cf:66       Dell Inc     ac:da:0b:6b:cd:ab       (Unknown)     ab:61:bb:df:da:dd       (Unknown)     aa:00:eb:06:ba:bd       (Unknown)     aa:00:eb:a0:ba:ab       (Unknown)     aa:aa:b6:6a:ba:d1       (Unknown)    b1:bd:6c:1e:b6:bb       (Unknown)    11:1a:fb:bb:6b:a6       BSkyB Ltd    a6:aa:6e:b1:ba:d1       (Unknown)    a6:aa:6e:b1:ba:d1       (Unknown) (DUP: 2)    aa:ae:6a:0b:ba:a1       (Unknown)    11:ae:fa:f1:ab:aa       (Unknown)    fb:6c:ba:ec:1f:ab       (Unknown)    aa:ae:6a:1a:10:1d       (Unknown)

*Note: these are fabricated IP and MAC Addresses so don't go looking for them :)

Searching for a particular MAC

If there are a lot of devices on the network, and you know the MAC, you can search using arp-scan and filter the output with grep

  sudo arp-scan -l | grep "MAC"
  sudo apr-scan -l | grep "00:a1:d0:00-4a:01"

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