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Find IP Address

2016 - updated Jun 2017

— Update, on Centos 7 and onwards this works and is a great mini view of interface IPs, especially if you have a lot of interfaces.

  ip -br -c a

ip is the ip command -br is brief -c is colourised a is all interfaces

There are several ways to look for an IP Address, and indeed to display the addresses, here are a few exaples.

From the command line:


This will display all IP Addresses configured on al Interfaces, on a server this can be a long list that scrolls off the page, to stop the results scrolling of the page use:

      ifconfig |more

If you know the interface name, you can use that to show the IP details of just that interface:

      ifconfig eth0

This will give the details for a single interface only

If an interface is using DHCP, and you see no IP Address, then you might have a link issue, to check this you can use:

      ip link show
      ip link show eth0

We can use grep to filter out just the information we require:

      Show MAC address of an interface - ifconfig eth0 |grep HWaddr

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