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Welcome to the WalkerWiki Website

Created because my brain is full

An Introduction

Technology now changes at a rapid and accelerating rate, requiring a constant learning curve to deal with legacy, current and emerging technology. There is only so much that can be retained at this expenential speed of technology growth and development, and to avoid losing information that has taken much effort to gather, I have created this site, to allow me document and thus reference the many things I learn.

Much of the information on this site is available at many locations around the internet, how many times have you searched and found a solution to a problem, only to never find that solution again when required? So many things of value lost because of the amount of information that exists to search.

So the information on this site is a mixture of documents I have created, and of documents that I have generated from the hard work and documentation that others have created, and where possible I have credited those authors to give them the credit they deserve.

There are a mixture of items here from simple tasks like how to find an IP Address in Linux, to more complex installation guides and full blown projects that involve hardware and software. There is even a project to create your own little wiki site if you like the idea of this site!

General Linux

General Windows

Raspberry Pi

Corporate Products

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My Other Websites

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